How to Use Window Treatments to Make Your Home Greener Thumbnail

Roughly one-third of the energy you burn through at home vanishes into thin air. We can’t put 100 percent of the blame on windows, but they are definitely responsible for a lot of that waste. Now that you know it’s happening, it’s time to do something about it, and it doesn’t have to mean replacing [...]

We All Love 2-Day Shipping, But Could It Be Harming Our Environment? Thumbnail

Is there anything better than placing an online order and being able to receive it in two days’ time, thanks to services like Amazon Prime and other fast and free shipping methods? While it’s certainly convenient, you might want to consider a slower shipping option if you’re concerned about protecting the planet. Enticing as it [...]

A Few Simple Ways to Improve the Air Quality In Your Home Thumbnail

The easiest way to keep your home’s environment healthy is by making sure that your air is constantly clean. Any pollutants can enter your air, making it hard for you to breathe or causing you to develop sicknesses. Opening the windows in your home might allow airflow, but it isn’t necessarily able to keep your [...]

4 Home Exterior Mistakes to Avoid Thumbnail

For most homeowners, keeping the outside of your home in good shape is important. There are many different approaches a homeowner can take to eliminate outdoor eyesores, but working with professionals is often essential when trying to get this type of work done — if you want it done right the first time. Without professional help, [...]

Eco-Friendly Trends You Can Actually Afford To Implement Thumbnail

If you’re not one of the 20% of homeowners who are happy with their current home decor, according to a HomeGoods survey, it might be time to make a change. But while you’re making your remodeling plans, you should consider the sustainability factor. With more and more people choosing eco-friendly options, there are plenty of [...]