How Home Accessibility Can Be Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to be more sustainable at home. Usually, this involves more temporary choices we can make: furniture options, low- or zero-VOC paint options, reusing, repurposing and recycling, etc. Those are decisions all of us can consider carefully, whether we own or home or rent it, and no [...]

How to Sell Your House According to the Top 3 Current Buyer Goals Thumbnail

Selling your home can be emotional in so many different ways. You will feel sad at times, like you are leaving a big part of yourself behind. You will feel excited for the future and all the promise it brings. And you will feel stressed. Very stressed. Getting your home into shape to sell is [...]

As Technology Advances, Even Our Windows Are Getting Smarter (And Greener) Thumbnail

As our awareness surrounding environmental impact continues to grow, the number of options available for eco-conscious consumers continues to grow. And since those embracing green lifestyles may also be seeking high-tech options for their homes, these advancements may offer more than mere energy efficiency: they might even look like something out of a futuristic film. [...]

It’s Not Just Oceans That Are Polluted With Plastic, It’s Lakes Too Thumbnail

Microplastic has been polluting our oceans for quite some time now. Microplastic pollution is plastic debris less than five millimeters in size. When you think of plastic pollution, you probably envision the ocean. Well, this tiny plastic debris has found its way into our lakes and rivers too. In the past five years, researchers have [...]

The Chinese Paradox: World’s Most Polluting Nation Becoming the Largest  Producer of Green Energy Thumbnail

Many of us know China as a nation with a high population density, and a pretty high pollution level — in fact, the highest in the world. Fortunately, China has taken responsibility for its ecological footprint and is actively changing its ways. Already a big player in the renewable energy field – it’s where the most [...]