Ensure the Older Home You Recently Purchased Is Safe Thumbnail

When you purchase an older home, it’s important to take the time to make sure that it’s as safe as it can be before you move your family into it. Most issues can be detected and addressed within a matter of a few days so that your family can move into the house as soon [...]

Choosing Kitchen Countertops: Granite vs. Quartz Thumbnail

When considering which type of kitchen countertops to invest in, there are several factors you should consider carefully. Think about how much you will use your counters and for what purposes, how long you want to keep them, and your budget. It is also important to think about the style you like, the colors that [...]

5 Improvements to Make Your Patio More Sustainable Thumbnail

In Perth, Western Australia the average temperature is around 20 degree Celsius (about 68 Fahrenheit) with calm winds and fresh breezes. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside and enjoy such beautiful weather? Having a patio at all is a great way to do so, but in addition to the simple enjoyment of the outdoors, here [...]

Opossum-ble! Why These Creatures Might Just Be the Best Thing Ever Thumbnail

The North American opossum is a highly misunderstood creature, but they’re becoming a bit more accepted these days, thanks to cute viral videos and hilarious memes. Still, there’s a lot you may not know about this funny-looking critter — and why you should just let them be, should you see one in your own backyard. [...]

A Quick Crash Course in Green Living Thumbnail

With more people around the world becoming connected to technology and information that keeps us up to date on the issues of the day, the eco-friendly mindset is becoming the norm around the world. While most of us know to recycle and save on energy where we can, reducing our overall carbon footprints involves more [...]