7 Common Cleaning Mistakes and How to Prevent Them Thumbnail

There's a reason spring cleaning exists -- after all, every year when the sun starts to shine and the warm weather emerges, the dust and dirt in our homes slowly but surely becomes more noticeable. And if you have any pets in the house, you know that spring and summer are prime shedding season, too! [...]

Millennials Demand Sustainable Travel Options, But Will Industry Respond? Thumbnail

While more than half of Millennials say that cost is a barrier to leisure travel, an increasing number of young people see the lack of sustainable travel and lodging options as a major obstacle, too. As a result of increasing demand for green travel, some luxury businesses are responding to fulfill their clients' needs -- [...]

How to Make Moving More Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

Moving is an inevitable — and often dreaded — part of life. You might have to move for a job, for school, for a relationship, or when your financial situation or the needs of your family change. You may not be able to avoid moving, but you can take control of how the process unfolds, [...]

China To Build First Green City, Estimated Completion In 2020 Thumbnail

The United States possesses one of the largest construction industries in the world, with a market share of 10% of the global construction market. But it's only number two on the list, and number one has proven its point in a bold way. The nation with the largest construction market in the world is China, [...]

U.S. Summer Camps Get Sustainable and STEM Spins Thumbnail

Summer camp is a time-honored tradition in the United States. After all, more than 14 million children and adults attend camp every year here. And while some children head to the same campgrounds their parents and grandparents attended back in their day, there are all sorts of new opportunities for summer camps these days -- [...]