How to Reduce Your After-Holiday Waste Thumbnail

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, with all of the wrapping paper, decorations, and food, Americans generate 25% more waste than usual during the holiday season. Unfortunately, most of this waste will be thrown out and end up in landfills. However, there are a few easy ways to recycle or reuse after-holiday waste. If you [...]

3 Actionable Ways To Make Your Restaurant Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

It’s no secret that more and more consumers are starting to give their business to companies that make an effort to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices into their business operations. This is becoming true across many industries, but the food industry is one of the quickest to gain momentum in the overall shift toward sustainability. [...]

Four Ways to Make Christmas More Sustainable Thumbnail

My family and I love Christmas — though I’m probably the ringleader in terms of holiday cheer. I love all of it — the Christmas spirit, the decorating, the gift-giving. The latter is probably my favorite part — particularly now that I have kids. I spend months planning amazing gifts for my family, and I delight in [...]

Were Our Grandparents The Original Green Living Crowd? Thumbnail

When our grandparents were young, what we now know as Green Living may have come naturally to them in many ways. Out of necessity, many lived a frugal life, often making due with alternate ways to get the job done. From using natural and inexpensive cleaners and soaps to living a healthy lifestyle to avoid [...]

Creating a Comfortable Home for Senior Living Thumbnail

Reaching retirement is a big accomplishment. It means that you’ve worked hard and saved enough money or accumulated enough benefits to be able to relax in your golden years — and it also means that you’ve taken care of your health enough to reach retirement age at all. Unfortunately, it’s rare that even the healthiest [...]