Meet Two of the Women Disrupting the Beekeeping World Thumbnail

Farming is a profession where people typically imagine men, but more and more women across the nation are creating and seizing opportunities in the agricultural world. Whether it's to help low-income women find jobs or to teach urban citizens about agricultural pursuits, women are opening up to farming like never before. One of those women [...]

EnviroKlenz Fills Gaps that Other Household Products Leave (+Giveaway) Thumbnail

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by EnviroKlenz. As usual, all opinions are my own and completely accurate. My family and I have been living a greener lifestyle for at least 9 years now. We've switched over our personal care products and household products, and while I still struggle a bit with making our food choices [...]

An Eco-friendly Approach to Savings Thumbnail

Going green doesn’t mean you have to forego all your creature comforts.  You don’t need to ditch your refrigerator just to save a little money on monthly utilities or help the environment. And eco-friendly products don’t have to break the bank. Although some energy saving products are more expensive to purchase initially, they save you [...]

Eco-Friendly Tips for a Stunning Outdoor Living Space Thumbnail

Creating an eco-friendly outdoor living space isn’t just about planting a beautiful garden. You can create a stunning and unique living area outside that’s perfect for parties or just a casual summer day in the sun. If you’re ready to take a step toward revamping your exterior living space, here are a few ideas to [...]

Take the pLEDge and Switch to LED Bulbs Thumbnail

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by GE Lighting. As usual, all opinions are accurate and fully my own. I may or may not be that mom. You know what I mean. The one who walks into rooms to turn the lights off and open the windows during the daytime, and constantly reminds everyone to turn [...]