If Nothing Else, at Least I Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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It’s probably seemed quiet around here for the past few weeks. That’s because I have hit what I call my after-Christmas crash. Basically, the month of December is one of my busiest, meaning that I’m usually going and going, right up until Christmas. Or until I just can’t go any more. So instead of starting the new year full of energy and resolve to make this year better than last, I started it exhausted and unable to focus. However, I promise this is only temporary, and I’ll be back to “myself” in time.

In all of this, though, the one thing I’ve been able count on is getting a good night’s sleep. Really.

I made the mistake of falling asleep on our sofa late one afternoon. Boy, did I regret it. When I woke up, everything hurt, from the arm I had fallen asleep on to my back, neck, shoulders and hips. I seriously felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Or at least a small car. Not a good look.

When I was able to drag my aching body off the sectional and get into bed, it felt like a cloud by comparison. Instead of being contorted into an uncomfortable position, my back was supported and aligned. In our new bed, I can lay on either side, or sleep on my back or stomach, and still be comfortable. Really, the Oyasumi organic mattress from The Clean Bedroom has been a godsend.

Particularly during the winter, I appreciate the fact that this mattress tends to stay warmer than a traditional mattress. This is probably because of a combination of the latex and the thick organic cotton cover. In any case, during the winter it’s a welcome change from our old innerspring mattress, which would get cold if you were out of the bed for more than 2 minutes. This added warmth is a real blessing when we wake up to 27 degree weather and have to take my daughter out to catch the bus. I couldn’t ask for a better winter bed. In the summer time, though, the extra warmth means we eliminate a few layers from the bed and sleep with just a lightweight comforter (instead of a comforter, a flat sheet, and sometimes a thin throw blanket).

So although my new year has gotten offer to an incredibly slow start, it’s definitely not from lack of sleep. I’m doing just fine in that department. Now if someone can just give me a few shots of energy to use for everything else, I’ll be back on track.

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  • E. Palenscar January 26, 2012, 1:07 pm

    I can totally relate to the hit by a truck feeling after falling asleep on the couch. That actually happened to me last night and my neck and back are paying the price. I had heard of organic mattresses but wasn’t sure if they would compare to the synthetic. I will check out Oyasumi thanks for the tip.

  • Suzanne Grey January 30, 2012, 7:09 am

    I’m sure you’ll be back on track soon. I guess you should try yoga to increase your energy!

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