Garden Update: We’ve Got Sprouts!

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A few weeks ago, my husband and I took on the task of planting some herbs and veggies, hoping that we’d eventually be able to bring the fruits of our labor into the kitchen for some literally fresh from the garden organics. I think it’s safe to say that Spring-er has arrived in Georgia. “Spring-er”, meaning it’s still spring, but it feels like summer. Case in point: It will be 90 degrees today. So I have no doubt that conditions are right to produce a lovely crop.

Thus far, though, all we’ve got is a couple of sprouts. Take a look at this video:

That’s to be expected, given it’s been such a short time since we planted the seeds. We do have a plan for the next step, though: Once the sprouts are large enough for transplanting, we’ll move them to larger garden boxes, which will hopefully be large enough to contain our herbs and veggies for a while.

I’m impatient though. I can’t wait to taste something that we’ve grown with our own hands, and the wait is driving me crazy! Still, I know once we really get our garden growing, it will be totally worth the wait! I’ll keep you posted on our gardening efforts over the next few months.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. I was provided with compensation for my time and effort in sharing my planting experience with you. Participation is voluntary and as usual, all opinions are my own.

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