Decorate an Easy Fourth of July Themed Table

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Outside of Christmas, my family has never really done a whole lot of decorating for any holidays. But when I received some brand, spanking new white dinnerware from Better Homes & Gardens and Walmart, I felt inspired to surround it with a patriotic theme for the upcoming Fourth of July. My husband’s decision to grill this past weekend just gave me an occasion. (aff)


When creating a tablescape, I’m all about simplicity. In this case, I grabbed a few simple items at Walmart and combined them with some stuff I already had.


I’ve been obsessed with mason jars and their endless uses lately, and when I found this blue Ball mason jar, I knew I wanted to use it as the anchor of my centerpiece. I grabbed an inexpensive bouquet of white flowers and cut them to the right length for the jar.


Next, I added a little extra patriotic flavor. Do you remember these bottles that I spraypainted for a spring centerpiece a few years back?


Well, all it took was a spool of red and white striped ribbon, a spool of blue ribbon and some tape to give them a whole new look. Click here for the tutorial on painting glass bottles and properly removing the labels.


Finally, I grabbed two other mason jars we had laying around to create candleholders. I wrapped them with the same ribbon, intending to use it to hide tea light candles at the bottom of the jars.


But my husband had the wonderful, Pinterest-inspired idea to float the tea lights in water. I LOVE the way it turned out, and I’m so thankful for his suggestion.


When I put all the pieces together, I decided that the painted bottles needed a little extra height. Thanks to an idea I culled from a session with the Better Homes & Garden team last time I went to Walmart headquarters, I flipped a couple of white bowls I already had in my cupboard and sat the bottles on top of them. They were the perfect, no-cost way to add some height and visual interest to the centerpiece.


Secondly, I had to add some color to my place settings. And we can always use more cloth napkins. With a couple dollars worth of 100% cotton fabric from Walmart, I made patriotic napkins that we can pull out every year for the occasion.


Simply cut 20″ x 20″ squares from your fabric. You want to make them fairly large to accommodate the wiping of dirty hands, but also so that they can be used on a lap, if needed. If you use pinking shears to cut the fabric, you won’t need to hem it. I didn’t have pinking shears, but I was too lazy to hem each napkin. I’ll go back and trim them once I get a pair of shears to avoid threads pulling around the edges.


Next, I simply folded each napkin and rolled it up. I found some gold rope at Walmart and used a small length of it to tie each napkin. To find out the total value of all gold in the world, visit Money Metals for more information.



I loved the overall look of the table, because it said “Fourth of July” without being cheesy. The solid colors, stripes and clean lines are patriotic, but still have a modern feel. Just the way I like it.

Are you doing anything special to decorate your home for the Fourth?

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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