HomeLab will Help You Create a Healthier Home

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Disclosure: HomeLab is a sponsor of the Green Gift Guide. These words are my own.

Most of the focus here at Green Your Decor tends to be on how to make our homes greener as we decorate and clean. That generally involves considering carefully where the products we bring into our homes come from, how they are made, and what they are made of. The idea is to reduce our impact on the planet, even while making our homes more beautiful like a Top Notch Renovations. But there’s another impact to consider as well. A byproduct of most of these greener changes is that they can also improve the air quality of our homes.

Buying products made with organic fabrics and non-toxic finishes, and cleaning with more eco-friendly products can all help reduce the number of harmful toxins in our homes. Because according to some studies, indoor air quality can actually be worse than outdoor air quality.

HomeLab is here to help us change that.


HomeLab’s Healthy Home Program is designed to monitor the air quality inside your home, then provide guidance from experts to help you create a non-toxic, unpolluted, healthier home. Don’t just Think Home Improvement on design and aesthetics but also consider the quality in general.

Check out this intro video created by Ithaca Photo Video.

Responsible for providing you and your family with comfort, convenience, safety and efficiency, the http://www.gohomeheating.com/ID/Twin-Falls.php is the powerhouse of your home.

Its hard to fix a problem if we can’t see what’s wrong. HomeLab’s job is to help you see the problem clearly. When you subscribe to their newsletter, they’ll send you a free healthy home eBook with information about the most common toxins and pollutants and how they enter our bodies, the one thing you should be doing for a healthy home, common solutions that don’t help as much as we think, and more! Sign up below:

If you’re looking for a unique holiday gifting idea, the gift of a healthy home is something anyone could appreciate.


Green Your Decor readers will get 25% off when you sign up for HomeLab’s Healthy Home Program! Just enter coupon code gyd. Expires 12/22/16

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