How to Add Hollywood Glam to Your Room

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I love my home as much as the next person. But sometimes, I wish it was a bit more…well…glamourous. Of course, with children — and all the toys and stuff that come with them — glamour isn’t high on our list of priorities. Still, there are small ways to add Hollywood glitz and glam to create the room of your dreams without going all in.

Use Luxurious Fabrics & Patterns

Most of the time, when we are shopping for curtains, we look for heavy fabrics like cotton or lined polyester. But have you ever thought about velvet? Yes. Velvet. It is heavy enough to keep out light and help regulate temperature, and it just looks and feels glamorous. This also works for furniture. A simple chair can be instantly elevated by a seat cushion upholstered in cushy velvet, or opt for a sofa upholstered in chenille rather than heavy cotton canvas.

You can also consider adding accents in glam textures and patterns, like accent pillows made of (faux) fur or covered in an animal print. Zebra is my personal favorite. However, it is really easy to go too far with animal prints. Stick to small accents like pillows or small rugs, and don’t add too many to the same room.

Add a Hollywood-Style Lightbulb Mirror

Want to make your room feel like a luxurious Hollywood dressing room without breaking the bank? That’s easy. Hang a Hollywood lightbulb mirror. With 10 LED bulbs, you’ll feel like a movie star getting ready for showtime. If you don’t want to see every pore and blemish, you can reach for the dimmer switch to tone down the brilliance. You can hang the mirror directly on the wall or attach it a stand for more flexibility and mobility.

Use Quality Wallpaper

I know. I know. Wallpaper sounds like something out of a 70s nightmare. But it has come a long way, and there are many companies today who are making high-quality wallpaper in modern patterns and textures that will add interest without feeling dated at all. Stick with graphic patterns, like grids, stripes, Greek keys, or bold florals in two colors.

Use Oversized Art

So…you’ve been considering framing a black and white photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. Do it. Just go big. Large art feels more substantial and luxurious than smaller pieces and will make a much bigger statement in your space. If you do choose to go for smaller pieces, consider hanging art in a series. Three pieces that coordinate or tell a specific story can hang together for a big impact.

Add Glossy or Reflective Surfaces

So, you want a Hollywood-inspired bedroom? The easiest way to do that is to add glossy and reflective surfaces. Add a mirrored nightstand next to your bed with a high-gloss enamel or glass table lamp on top. Solid colors are your safest bet, to avoid competing with the textures and patterns elsewhere, but you can use this tip for smaller elements in the room too. Glossy ceramic animals are easy to find (or spray paint when found at the thrift store), and something as small as a mirrored bar tray used to serve drinks in the living room will make you and your guests feel like VIPs.

Add Sleek, Modern Furnishings

If you’re fortunate enough to have a vanity table in your bedroom or — gasp! — closet, think about how sophisticated it would be with a clear Lucite chair in front of it. Instant Hollywood glam. You can always get one from Dreams, as they have the finest collections. If you really want to go for broke, add multiple Lucite chairs or mid-century modern Eames chairs to your dining room. Pair it with a Hollywood lightbulb mirror on the wall nearby, and your glamorous transformation will be complete.

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