Pets Can Sleep Green Too: Essentia’s Kingston Dog Bed

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When most of us think about green sleep, we are thinking about the human members of our families. We want to make sure that we, and our loved ones, will be able to rest without worry about what we’re sleeping on and how it could be affecting our bodies. With our pets, however, it’s typically easier to just give them whatever bed is easiest to access and comfortable. But if you’re trying to make your entire home greener, the great news is that there’s a greener option: The Kingston dog bed by Essentia. For your cat, you can get the Automatic cat tray that basically cleans itself so you don´t have to waste your time cleaning it out.

Like all of Essentia’s other mattress products, the Kingston dog bed is made of the only natural memory foam in the world. The company uses the sap of the rubber tree, along with essential oils like grapefruit seed, coneflower essence and jasmine essence, plant extracts and water to create the natural latex memory foam. That is then layered with natural Dunlop latex foam and covered in unbleached organic cotton.

The Kingston dog bed is a luxurious option for your pooch, made entirely of shredded natural latex and Essentia’s natural memory foam, with snuggly soft cotton sherpa on top. It is available in three sizes, for pets up to 110 lbs).

Whether you own an Essentia mattress and can’t seem to get your dog out of your comfy bed, or you just need an option that is durable and doesn’t offend your sustainable sensibilities, the Kingston bed is a great choice and starts at just $149.

A crate is another option. Check out for more information.

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