China To Build First Green City, Estimated Completion In 2020

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The United States possesses one of the largest construction industries in the world, with a market share of 10% of the global construction market. But it’s only number two on the list, and number one has proven its point in a bold way.

The nation with the largest construction market in the world is China, and they’ve decided to prove this by building the world’s first pollution fighting forest city.

Stefano Boeri Architetti (SBA), an Italian architecture studio, is the mind behind this massive undertaking. The city will cover 0.6 square miles along the Liujiang River and feature a fast rail line with electric cars that connect it to the main part of Liuzhou.

The Forest City will be entirely self-sufficient thanks to renewable energy sources, relying on geothermal energy and solar panels, says SBA. It will also have over 40,000 trees, nearly one million plants, and all the basic necessities of a self-sustaining city.

According to the official SBA website the population of the city will be small:

“Once completed, the new city will host 30,000 people, absorb almost 10,000 tons of CO2 and 57 tons of pollutants per year and produce approximately 900 tons of oxygen.”

According to the architects, the flora will “help improve the air quality, decrease the temperatures, create noise barriers, and boost the biodiversity of the animals inhabiting the area.”

The project has attracted a lot of attention and generated a large amount of interest from both foreign individuals and domestic officials that wish for the city to be a success. SBA predicts that, if the project is successful, it will set a precedent for future green cities.

So far the city is estimated to be completed by 2020 but could experience a slight delay due to unknown factors appearing along the way. It is not stated what the estimated cost of this project will be.

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