The Low Down on Organic Mattresses

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Organic is a huge buzzword right now. It means different things to different people. Additionally, the government has standards for what can be labeled organic. There are organic items found all over the market. It isn’t just a label for food anymore.

Organic basically means that something is made or was made in a natural way without pesticides or other unnatural elements being introduced. When it comes to food, this generally means natural farming methods were used and no pesticides or antibiotics were introduced during any phase of growth. For products, like a mattress, it means the materials used to make the mattress were grown naturally without interference from chemicals or pesticides, great option when choosing a mattress.

An organic label is often important to people because it is thought that chemicals, pesticides and other unnatural methods can lead to illness. In addition, organic often also means it is better for someone with allergies and will be more biodegradable, making it healthier for the planet, too.

So, if you are considering buying an organic mattress, what should you be looking for? What are the elements that make up a good organic mattress and why should you even consider going organic?

Characteristics of an Organic Mattress

When shopping for an organic mattress, you want to look for materials that are natural. Look for labels saying the cotton, latex and other materials were made using no chemicals or pesticides. Avoid products made with synthetic materials.

Most organic mattresses use organic latex, cotton, and wool. These materials are all natural. The cotton has been grown in fields where they do not use pesticides or fertilizers. It is not modified and is 100 percent all natural with no bleaching. Organic wool comes from organic sheep. They have not been treated with antibiotics or exposed to any toxins.

Benefits of Organic Mattresses

When buying organic mattresses, you may want to think about the many benefits you will get from the purchase. The top benefit is no exposure to chemicals from the materials. You also will find it is hypoallergenic and allows better temperature regulation. You won’t get as hot using this type of mattress.

These mattresses are also quite durable. A regular mattress condenses and breaks down quickly. You don’t have that with a quality organic mattress, which should last years longer. However, when it is time to say goodbye, this mattress is biodegradable, so it won’t clog up a landfill.

They are comfortable and offer superior support, which is great if you have back issues. They are naturally flame resistant as well.

Choosing Your Mattress

You choose an organic mattress as you would any other type of mattress. Make sure the size suits your needs and offers you enough room to sleep comfortably. Try out the mattress if you can to get an idea of how the material feels. Support is important when choosing your bed, so check out how it supports each area of your body. Turn over to see if it supports you well when sleeping on your back, side or stomach.

A special consideration when it comes to organic mattresses is to look at the materials used. Some people have a wool allergy, so those mattresses that use wool should be avoided. Even though, in general, these are hypoallergenic, an allergy to the wool will not protect you against allergic reactions. So, be diligent. The same is true if a mattress contains latex. Just because it is organic does not mean you won’t have an allergic reaction if you are allergic to latex.

Always double check with the retailer, too. Ensure the mattress you have chosen is organic. Some retailers will sell all different types of mattresses, so you may think you are getting organic when you are not. Always just do a verification that the one you have chosen is indeed organic.

When it comes time to buy a new mattress, you should consider getting an organic mattress. There are many benefits to buying organic over other mattress types. Even if you are not completely concerned about the possible ill effects of a mattress made with products exposed to chemicals and other toxins, there are still benefits in it for you when buying organic, including hypoallergenic and more durable. In the end, buying organic can mean you get much more for your money and a better overall sleep experience.

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