Creating a Comfortable Home for Senior Living

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Reaching retirement is a big accomplishment. It means that you’ve worked hard and saved enough money or accumulated enough benefits to be able to relax in your golden years — and it also means that you’ve taken care of your health enough to reach retirement age at all. Unfortunately, it’s rare that even the healthiest of us feel as good at 60, 70, or 80 as we did at 20 or 30. The reality is that we’re like to have a few more aches and pains as we age than we did in our youth, and that we’re at an increased risk for the sorts of injuries and illnesses that could land us in the hospital.

The golden years should be a relaxing and enjoyable time, not a time of stress and pain. Protect yourself with good health coverage, and improve your home to focus on comfort and care.

Comfort and safety in your home

As safety and comfort become increasingly important, it’s wise to invest in changes to your home that focus on these priorities. Smart spending on these improvements are a good habit to develop.

You may already be familiar with vital safety improvements like wider walkways, ramps, stairlifts, improvements from residential roofing contractors, or walk-in tubs. But you should also focus on comfort improvements like memory foam mattresses, water pillows, and chairs and recliners designed with mobility and comfort in mind. Though you may think of these things as luxuries now, you may begin to find that they become essential as you grow older.

Key comfort improvements can make your life more enjoyable, of course, but they can also make you healthier. A good night’s sleep is vital to your health, and comfortable chairs and beds will keep painful pressure points at bay. Plus, you’ll be more likely to move around and exercise if you’re less stiff, tired, or afflicted by aches and pains. Comfort isn’t just about luxury: It’s about maintaining health, mobility, and an active lifestyle. Invest in it!

Peace of mind and health coverage

Of course, health isn’t just about your day-to-day decisions. All too often, major injuries or illnesses can disrupt the lives of seniors for the long-term. And while investing in comfort improvements that keep you happy and active can help to lower the risk of big health disasters, nothing can totally eliminate the risk of a broken hip, a contagious illness, or a hereditary disease.

The best thing you can do, then, is be prepared. In the United States, seniors have health insurance through Medicare, a government-sponsored program. But you can gain additional coverage (and additional peace of mind) by adding a Medigap plan, which covers things that Medicare does not while helping to reduce copays on some of the things that Medicare does cover.

With the proper preparations, you can minimize the impact of any future health problems. You’ll also give yourself one less reason to worry, which will help you feel more comfortable and happy — and that’s a good thing for your health, too!

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