Great Green Gift: Zen Incense Holder

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Zen Incense Holder from Gaiam

My husband loves incense and uses it all the time, in every room and even in the car. I’m not quite as partial to the musky fragrance, but I know he loves it. The problem is that the ashes end up everywhere, particularly because he has a habit of putting the incense sticks in random nooks and crannies, like the window frame or the air vents in the car. Ashes end up everywhere and I’m never happy about it. So one of the things I wanted to do this year is get him a unique incense holder that would catch the ashes and look great when its displayed.

This Zen Incense Holder from Gaiam definitely fits the bill, and it is very affordable. It is made of natural stone and can hold up to three incense sticks. And because they stand upright, the ashes fall on the tray below instead of winding up all over the floor. He will also love the look of the stone, which is very zen and will lend to the relaxation that the incense creates.

A Christmas gift my husband will love for less than $10? Sounds like a plan!

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of natural stone
  • Gaiam is a company that is built on sustainability

Who Would Like It:

  • Anyone who loves incense
  • A friend or family member who practices yoga

Price: $5.99icon (down from $20) (aff)

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