Eco-Friendly Trends You Can Actually Afford To Implement

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If you’re not one of the 20% of homeowners who are happy with their current home decor, according to a HomeGoods survey, it might be time to make a change. But while you’re making your remodeling plans, you should consider the sustainability factor. With more and more people choosing eco-friendly options, there are plenty of ways to make your home more sustainable. Let’s discuss a few environmentally-friendly trends experts predict will be seen more in homes this year.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners have the space for a large garden. However, there are other options for adding greenery to a home. Balcony gardens, green roofs, and vertical gardens can all be great ways to get add greenery if a home is short on space. Additionally, bringing plants indoors works just as well. In fact, indoor plants can offer air-purifying qualities and bring an overall uplifting energy to a home.

Along with growing more plants, homeowners are beginning to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In doing this, they not only reduce their carbon footprint, but they reduce any waste produced by produce packaging. And who doesn’t love truly fresh fruits and veggies?

While homeowners have always expressed an interest in natural lighting, experts predict homeowners will begin looking at other factors besides windows and skylights. Pitched roofs with exposed trusses are becoming increasingly popular because they can create a feeling of openness, no matter how small or big the home is. With high ceilings and an open floor plan, homeowners will be able to harness every bit of natural sunlight and see significant energy savings.

When it comes to security, many homeowners utilize security camera systems. However, these systems often use batteries or electrical power. But over the next few years, homeowners are expected to switch to solar panel security cameras. By absorbing sunlight all day, the security system can remain powered all the time, without using any energy.

One of the simplest ways homeowners can make their home more environmentally-friendly is by using a combination of new and recycled materials. Homeowners are expected to really start investing in this idea in the upcoming years. By utilizing recycled materials, homeowners not only get a unique look but also reduce the amount of waste that’s being produced.

So whether it’s growing a small vegetable garden or investing in your own sustainable energy resources, consider implementing eco-friendly elements into your home this year.

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