5 Improvements to Make Your Patio More Sustainable

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In Perth, Western Australia the average temperature is around 20 degree Celsius (about 68 Fahrenheit) with calm winds and fresh breezes. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside and enjoy such beautiful weather? Having a patio at all is a great way to do so, but in addition to the simple enjoyment of the outdoors, here are five ways to make your patio more sustainable.

1. Opt for a covered structure

Building a covered patio will give you better all-weather protection than the basic uncovered patio slab. You’ll be able to enjoy your space in rain or shine. There are tons of options for
classic patio designs Perth you can choose from. You can choose a gazebo, pergola, awning or another style of patio cover and eventually get as close as possible to a weatherproof space.

2. Keep it warm with a fire pit

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a crackling fire while you’re enjoying drinks and conversation with family and friends. Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space is a great way to enjoy it even when the weather turns cold without the use of electricity. Fire pits can be made of lots of materials, from brick to stone or metal, but my the most sustainable option is to work with recycled materials, like salvaged brick or stone, or a new version made of recycled materials.

Before installing a fire pit, here are some things to consider:
 Make sure fire pits are allowed in your city and neighborhood.
 Be sure to install it at least 10 feet away from the nearest structure.
 Never use the pit during high winds.
 While enjoying the fire pit, be sure to have water on hand in case of emergency.
 Remove all debris and trash from the fire pit area before using it.

3. Brighten up with improved lighting

Most patios have at least one built-in light. But think about how much more useful your space could be if it were lit better. Lighting can make the space more usable at night, and ramp up the design and sophistication of your space with little extra effort. For the most sustainable option, go with solar-powered LED lights. Both features are best, but one or the other is still better than traditional battery-powered, electric or incandescent lighting. You can add lighting to your patio roof, to your patio floor, or light the path to your patio.

4. Add built-in seating

If you plan to use your space for entertaining, you’re going to need seating — probably a lot of it. Instead of purchasing patio furniture that will have to be replaced over time, opt for built-in seating made of weatherproof materials. Though you can choose from a wide range of seating options, deck seating is a great choice. You can create a semi-circular
deck arrangement around your fire pit or line the perimeter of the patio with seating.

5. Round it out with a grill

The outdoor kitchen is all the rage these days, and it is the perfect way to turn your patio into a space where you want to spend a lot of time. Ideally, you’d invest in a high-quality grill built into a permanent counter, but that can admittedly be pricey. Even adding a standalone grill can improve your use of your patio, especially if you opt for a propane, rather than charcoal, grill. If you’re interested in classic patio designs Perth, you can even collect your ideas from magazines, online and print, so they can make your dream patio come to life.

About the author: Prisha Gupta is an experienced writer from a digital marketing agency who writes about trends that help make you & your business more successful online.

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