Green Rooms in a Box Series: Dan’s Bonus Room

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Green Rooms in a Box Series: Dan\'s Bonus Room

Dan\'s Bonus Room Before Dan, one of my regular readers, was the winner of the Green Room in a Box giveaway waaaay back in October. I know…it’s taken me a while, but with the move and everything else going on, I had to put my designer’s hat on again 🙂 Dan has an awkward bonus room/loft space at the top of the stairs in his home. Click the image at left for a full-size view of the way it looks now.

It is currently used as a play area for the kids, but Dan wanted a more luxurious space that has a real purpose. He also wanted me to stick to a budget of $500-1000 with mostly used pieces. That was quite a challenge, but thanks to Craigslist, I was able to find everything I needed to turn this undefined space into an elegant sitting area with room for the kids.

  1. Table Lamp | $14 | Used
  2. Large-scale map | FREE | This map is already in Dan’s room. I suggest that he put it in a more substantial frame, similar to the one shown in the inset. A great way to do this on the cheap is to measure your existing art. Then head to your local thrift store and try to find a framed piece of art in a frame you like in the same size.
  3. Olympic Zero-VOC Premium Paint | Color: Bamboo C12-2, 2 gallons @ $18 ea. | Color: Magenta B37-6, 1 pint @ $9; Total: $45
  4. Small Glossy Wood Side Table with 2 drawers | $15 | Used
  5. Silk Meditation Cushions from Gaiam | $18.99/ea., $75.96 for 4 | From CraftBeauty, a fair trade group. Handmade by artisans in a vocational-training program to support the disabled in Hanoi.
  6. Overstuffed Brown leather nailhead chair | Approx. $500 | Used
  7. Royal Stripes Damascus Silk Handmade Throw Pillow | $44 | Handmade with silk
  8. Credenza | $150 | Used. Meant to serve a dual purpose as toy storage with four cushions on top to use for seating for the kids. The cushions also could go on the floor for more informal seating for the kids.
  9. 5 X 8 Area Rug, Olive Green/Burgandy Mosiac | $75 | Used

TOTAL: $918.96 | We’re a little under budget

SPLURGE logoDouble Tree of Life Wall Sculpture from Gaiam | $99 | Made of recycled 55-gallon oil drums by a Fair Trade group of Haitian artisans | It’s not a splurge because of the price, but because it isn’t necessary to make the room complete. However, Dan mentioned that he wanted to replace a low wall in his room with a wrought iron railing, so this would be a perfect complement to that.

Any tips or suggestions for what could have been included, or excluded, in this room? Leave them in the comment below. And if you’d like me to do one of your turn one of your rooms into an eco-friendly wonder, check out my consulting page and let’s get started!

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  • Amy Woidtke January 24, 2009, 10:35 am

    Great design Jennae! There are some really nice pieces in this one. I’m such a fan of real wood – esp. darker colors! YUM!

    Amy Woidtkes last blog post..Recycle your towels and blankets

  • Sherry January 25, 2009, 8:37 am

    Love the map and the club chair. Beautiful design, love the colors too.

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