Back from hiatus…sort of…

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First, let me apologize for the extended delay in posts here at Green Your Decor. I returned from SxSW last Tuesday night, but I brought something back with me. The flu. Not to mention that my husband and daughter were already sick.

Every day since, I have been curled up in bed drinking lots of fluids and trying to shake it off. I’m happy to report I’m feeling a whole lot better, though I am still still quite a bit lightheaded, weak and tired. Hopefully, I’ll shake off those last few symptoms by the end of the week. But until that happens, I just wanted to let you know that Green Your Decor is still here and not going anywhere. I promise I’ll start posting daily when I can look at the computer for more than an hour without getting nauseous. That will include details about what happened at SxSW, some photos and links to other people’s photos, and a brand spanking New to You in honor of the green host city, Austin, TX! I’ve also got a new idea for a Green Room in a Box up my sleeve 🙂

Who knows? I may post today or tomorrow. You’ll never know if you don’t come back!

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