Just Letterpress Me: Recycled Counting Posters by sweetbeets

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In general, I try to make my life as paperless as possible, but I am a sucker for beautifully printed works. And deep down inside, I know I’d be happy to spend the rest of my days creating simple, hand-embossed posters on an ancient letterpress. This is a dream I am actively trying to pursue, and I’m doing a lot of research on the letterpress process and what I’d need to get started. Since the startup costs for this particular dream are a bit out of reach at the moment, I’ll settle for admiring beautiful letterpress pieces from other designers.


Etsy seller sweetbeets has found a fan in me, whether she knows it or not. Sweetbeets, a.k.a. Lisa, is also a fellow blogger over at ModEcoKids, a blog about beautifully designed, sustainable children’s products, so she truly is a woman after my own heart. Her letterpress counting posters may be simple, but in no way are they boring or mundane. Their simplicity makes them the perfect teaching tools for young children who are learning how to count. Two-color illustrations of easily-recognized toys, animals and other objects will make counting enjoyable. In fact, my own 3-year-old daughter has her eye on the pink and green poster because she knows it matches the colors in her room.

Why It’s Green:

  • Hand-printed on a vintage letterpress on 100% recycled cotton paper

Price: $30

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