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Drab or Fab: Flyer Saucer Bowl Set by Museum of Robots

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I enjoy the occasional sci fi movie just as much as the next guy, but you won’t see me at any Star Trek conventions any time soon. Still, I couldn’t help but  be enamored with this flying saucer bowl set by Museum of Robots. It’s geeky, but not in the pocket protector and bi-focal wearing sort of way. More in a really quirky, modern, “where did you get that?!” sort of way.

Maybe it’s because it’s made of beautiful, sustainable acacia wood, or maybe it’s because it’s the only way I’ll ever get to see a “real” spaceship, but I’d love to have this as a centerpiece for a dinner party. You gotta love the fact that it splits into two separate bowls for serving purposes. I definitely have to say I think it’s fab. The price tag, not so much, but the product is fabulous.

What do you guys think? Is it drab or fab? Would you use this for entertaining, or keep it out all the time. Weigh in below!

Why It’s Green:

  • Acacia is a fast-growing, sustainable hardwood

Price: $230 (aff)

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