Start Them Off in Style: Stella Stackable Units

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Stella Stackables by Q-Collection Junior

Stella Stackables by Q-Collection Junior

Decorating my daughter’s nursery was quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had decorating. I got to experiment with cute colors and whimsical patterns and artwork that I would probably never use in any other room of my home.  I just wish that I had been as eco-savvy then as I am now. While I was buying all the new furniture, clothing and all the other little things babies use, I would’ve made the effort to find products that are non-toxic and easy on the Earth.

Thankfully for today’s moms, companies like Q Collection offer full product ranges that will satisfy all of your green mommying needs. The Junior collection features the versatile and whimsical Stella Stackable Unit, which comes in 3 fun colors. As the name implies, you can stack several of them for a unique and functional storage unit that will teach your little one how to open and close doors.  The unit is available with a star cutout for the door handle, but it is also available with circular door pulls and without any doors at all, allowing you to really customize the look of your finished unit. 

And as all you aspiring decorators know, a really great room is filled not only with items that look good, but that you put your creative touch on to make it your own.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of 100% recycled wood MDF with no formaldehyde added
  • Uses a non-toxic, low-VOCs, water-based finish

Price: $350

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  • runieq June 11, 2008, 9:17 pm

    this shelf is so colorful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • runieq June 11, 2008, 9:18 pm

    this shelf will dress up any room!!!

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