Sophistication from the Sea: Jellyfish Eco Print

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Jellyfish Eco Print by Tanis Alexis Laird

I am originally from the Virgin Islands, and after being stung by jellyfish more than once while swimming in the ocean, it was a little hard for me to see the beauty in the creatures. Thankfully, there are artists like Tanis Alexis Laird out there who can see the good in everything, and she does a wonderful job of expressing that beauty here. Laird is an artist living in Vancouver, Canada, who is inspired by nature, colour, music and eco-friendly styles.

This colorful, graphic Jellyfish Eco Print shows one of nature’s most unusual creatures in all its glory, stinging tentacles and all. The coloring gives it a warmth that is sometimes missing in art inspired by the sea. And it is a perfect reminder that there is a place for everything in nature. And any stylish environmentalist can appreciate the depth in that message.

Why It’s Green:

  • Printed by Canada’s On Your Marks Prints, which specializes in no-waste print technology, uses no chemical inks and prints all images on FSC certified papers

Price: $20

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