Use Your Buying to Help Others: Shop Heart of Haiti

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Today is Green Gift Monday, a day established to help frenzied Cyber Monday shoppers divert their spending toward greener products and causes. I can’t think of a better time to introduce you to the Macy’s Heart of Haiti product line.

Heart of Haiti is a collection of art, housewares and accessories handmade by Haitian artisans in an attempt to help them get back on their feet after the historic earthquake that shook the island nation in January. The earthquake made it virtually impossible for Haitians to make a living. When you buy one of these pieces, it directly benefits the Haitian artisans who created them. They receive 22% of the retail price for each item in the collection. This sustainable income will allow these artisans to repair homes, pay for their children’s schooling, and feed and clothe their families.

Here are some of the artists this campaign is helping:

When the Blogrollers reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the team of bloggers working to promote Heart of Haiti, I jumped at the chance. While for the most part, I recommend buying products that are made in the U.S., the biggest exception to that is Fair Trade products that help the artisans who create them have a better life. This is also a special opportunity to shine a light on people who are in dire need of help, and whose plight has been long forgotten by many because Haiti is no longer in the headlines daily.

In this collection, you’ll find beautiful artwork (all of which reminds me of my own upbringing in the Caribbean), stunning mirrors and wall art, tableware, jewelry, and more. There’s something for everyone. Heart of Haiti is featured in my Green Gift Guide, and any of these items would make a great, meaningful gift that gives back. To learn more about Heart of Haiti, click here.

Why it’s Green:

  • Handmade by Haitian artisans in cooperation with Fair Winds, a Fair Trade partner, and Macy’s
  • Many items are made of recycled materials, including recycled oil drums, newspaper and more
  • Your purchase will help Haiti recover in a way that is meaningful. There’s something to be said about helping others by giving them the means to help themselves.

Price: $10-275

(Disclosure): I am a Heart of Haiti Ambassador. While we are not compensated for our participation, we will receive free products so we can see these artisans’ work in person. Given that I would gladly tell you about this for free, I plan to give away the products I receive to my readers to encourage you to support Haiti in its recovery.

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  • paper.note December 2, 2010, 8:27 am

    The pieces are stunning in person, and full of spirit.
    The papier mache pieces are all hand made and hand painted, so unique!
    And the metal pieces are also full of details, all done by hand. It’s amazing to see the quality of work coming from such devastation.
    It’s great to be able to get gifts for the holidays that means something and gives back to the community!

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