Get the Hook Up: Stylish Places to Hang Your Keys

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Stylish Wall Hooks

I’m one of those people — you know —  the ones who can never find their keys. I always think I remember where I left them. Then I’ll find them on top of the refrigerator, on the bathroom counter or laying hidden on my desk behind my laptop. If I don’t find a place for them soon, there’ll come a day when I’ll completely miss an appointment or be terribly late for some event because of my frantic searching.

This collection of wall hooks gives me some stylish options. After all, I’m not going to hang anything on my wall if I don’t love looking at it. And the best part? They all cost less than $50. So, on to the descriptions and why they’re green.

Number 1Home is Where Your Story Begins Wall Hook from Olive Barn$27.20 |  This hook would work well with country or shabby chic decor, and it is made in the U.S. of recycled wood and painted with water based paints.

Number 2Blackbird Wall Hook by Fluffy Co.$34 |  Bird silhouettes make me happy. I can’t help it.  This great wall hook is handmade in San Francisco and hand screen-printed and sealed with water-based materials on sustainable wood.

Hand-Forged Recycled Iron Leaf Double Hook | $49icon |  I love nature-inspired silhouettes, and this leaf wall hook is as unique as the leaves that inspired it. They are handmade in the U.S. of recycled metal by seasoned blacksmiths.

Number 4Modernly Refreshed Hooks, set of 4$40 |  I again tapped into the creativity to be found at, and boy, am I glad I did!  This set of four multicolored hooks are handmade of found metal. The French-inspired silhouettes would be a great way to add a little flourish to a space without going overboard.

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