Tackling the Laundry Room Design: After

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Finally, I’m ready to reveal the result of the SYLVANIA Blogger Makeover Challenge. Just to refresh your memory, SYLVANIA invited me and four other bloggers to do a makeover in the room of our choosing to demonstrate how easy it can be to spruce up your home in one weekend.

So here’s how it turned out:

You may recall that a few weeks ago, our laundry room looked like this:

That sad room is no more, and I’d say we’ve come a long way!

What we did

For this makeover we used a lot of DIY ingenuity and creative concealment.

The biggest change was that we replaced our broken washing machine with a new one. We bought a Whirlpool, Energy Star qualified, high-efficiency top-loading washer from Lowe’s. It was easily the best purchase we’ve made in a long time. It uses a LOT less water than our old washer, and a lot less energy as well. Now, we just have to replace the dryer and the appliance makeover will be complete.

We covered up the messy shelves with a DIY curtain panel made from a drop cloth, paint and patience. The curtain tutorial is coming tomorrow! The curtain also helps to cover up the fact that the two appliances don’t match.

We replaced our boring, builder-standard light fixture with a simple linen lamp shade from Target. Paired with a brand new, super-energy-efficient A-line Ultra LED lightbulb from SYLVANIA, it is our second achievement in energy efficiency. Replacing a regular bulb with an LED option may not seem like it would make much of a difference, but consider this: This LED bulb uses 80% less energy than an incandescent bulb and lasts 25 times longer. How’s THAT for efficient?

Armed with four blank canvases and a little inspiration, we created an art wall. I used paint leftover from the curtain project to create the larger piece of art. Armed with a foam craft stamp, I repeated a single shape randomly to create the pattern. Then I filled in some of the white spaces with orange paint. The final effect is reminiscent of handmade batik fabric. I love it!

You may not have noticed, but the largest piece of art is cleverly positioned to cover up the fuse box. It is lightweight, so it’s easy to remove if we ever need to access the box. The three smaller pieces on the left were added for balance.

And I just couldn’t resist adding a retro clock above all of it.

We also created a simple shelf that serves 2 purposes: It covers up the rust spots on the top of our dryer, which we’ve had for years, and obscures the fact that the washer and dryer don’t match.

It also serves as a place where we can fold laundry when it comes out of the dryer. We simply had a piece of formaldehyde-free plywood cut to size at Lowe’s. Then we covered it with leftover dropcloth fabric from the curtain project. And all it took was a staple gun.

We also added a bar stool we found on Craigslist so we’ll have a place to sit while folding laundry. Hopefully, having a dedicated space for this will make me more likely to fold clothes and linens right away instead of letting them sit for weeks like I usually do.

The cushion that came with the bar stool was in good condition, but it only took sitting on it one time to realize that something was wrong. As soon as I put my weight on the cushion, I felt a sharp jab, like a needle.  But I couldn’t see what had poked me. I wanted to change the cushion fabric anyway, so it took it apart.

It turns out that the previous owner had used straight pins to connect two pieces of foam to make the cushion. Not the best idea. Several of the pins were facing upward, so anyone who sat on it would be in for a terrible surprise. Long story short, I removed all the pins and recovered the cushion with some lime green organic cotton fabric I had left over from a project in my daughter’s room. I added nailhead trim along the front edge to make it feel “special.”

So how did my husband and I do? The changes we made were relatively small, but we wanted to keep the room simple and functional. We’d love to hear what you think!

You can also check out the video below to learn more about the things we did to creatively conceal the things about the laundry room that we don’t like:

You can also head over to the the SYLVANIA Facebook page to see what the other bloggers participating in the challenge have done. SYLVANIA is hosting daily giveaways for great items on FB, including LED lighting products and Lowe’s gift cards!

DISCLOSURE: This post is part of the SYLVANIA Blogger Makeover Challenge. I received a $500 Lowe’s gift card along with compensation for my participation. However, as usual, all opinions are completely my own. Check out all the SYLVANIA blogger room makeovers on their Facebook page. (sponsored opp)

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  • Chris April 18, 2011, 3:53 pm

    Great job and excellent results! I love the creativity, and especially the painting over the fuse box — hope it’s ok if I borrow that idea for our eventual laundry-room makeover! 🙂

    • jennae April 19, 2011, 7:30 am

      Chris, thank you for your kind words! You are more than welcome to borrow any of our ideas. I’m pretty certain we’re not the first to cover up an ugly fuse box with art 🙂

  • Lynn April 18, 2011, 4:29 pm

    Very cute! You’ve inspired me. When I get back from our trip, I think I’ll tackle the laundry room (among other rooms!). Great job as always.

    • jennae April 19, 2011, 7:31 am

      Thanks Lynn! When we finally decided to do the laundry room, I had a hard time imagining what we could do to make it better. I’m really happy with the way it eventually turned out 🙂

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