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I like coconuts. Seriously. When you grow up in the Caribbean, they become familiar and attractive, not to mention a delicious source of coconut jelly and water. I actually like their fuzzy shells and the way they look inside when you split them open. But as home decor?  Never quite imagined them that way — [...]

You Don’t Have to Save the World on Earth Day: Just Live Consciously Thumbnail

Every year on Earth Day, I debate whether I should write a post. After all, this site is dedicated to all things green 365 days a year. Still, I wanted to acknowledge that if you’re one of many who have never really thought about their impact on the planet, today is a great day to [...]

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine. There are very few personal care products that we use in our home. Once we find a brand that we like, and can trust, we tend to stick with them. So we use Dr. Bronner’s soap [...]

Welcome Home: Eco-Friendly Doormats by India Rose Thumbnail

At the moment, the walkway to our front door is one of the least loved parts of our home. Sure, I could blame the property manager for not power washing the dust and cobwebs. But really, we haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to it either. Right now, we have a sorry excuse of [...]

Green Gift Giveaway: Good for You Girls Complere Skin Care Kit Thumbnail

Green Your Decor will be offering giveaways from several retailers and manufacturers that were featured in the Green Gift Guide. The duration of the giveaways will be short so they can end before Christmas. However, prize delivery may not happen until after Dec. 25 due to the short time frame. Come back this week so [...]