Green Steal of the Day: Huge Home Sale at Pure Citizen Thumbnail

Pure Citizen is one of those sites that you just can’t help but love. It is a “Deal a Day” site in the spirit of Groupon, Gilt Groupe and others, but with one important distinction: Pure Citizen offers only eco-friendly products. The sales generally last 24 hours, except on weekends or for special events, and [...]

It’s in the Details: Arroyo Collection by Amenity Thumbnail

Now that I have a whole apartment to decorate, I’ve begun to notice a trend. I never finish one room before trying to move on to the next. The furniture is mostly there (except for the living room, thanks to a move-in mishap), and I’ve even put up window treatments. But none of the rooms [...]

Who Needs Air Fresheners When You’ve Got Soy Delites? Thumbnail

My husband and I are certified candle connoisseurs. OK…maybe we’re not certified, but we have a thing for candles. Natural, nontoxic ones, that is. So when Soy Delites contacted me to send samples for my review, I couldn’t say no. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. Not all soy candles are created equal. [...]

If there is one thing I have learned throughout this journey toward green living, it is that all products are not created equal. Some people think I am crazy when I refuse to use a product that looks as innocuous as a typical candle. After all, if they smell good, they must be cleaning the [...]

My husband loves incense and uses it all the time, in every room and even in the car. I’m not quite as partial to the musky fragrance, but I know he loves it. The problem is that the ashes end up everywhere, particularly because he has a habit of putting the incense sticks in random [...]