Green Cleaning Your Floors: Carpet, Hardwood & Linoleum Thumbnail

It’s unfortunate, but the floor of your home always takes the brunt of what your family can throw at it. The kids tracking in that rainy day mud you asked them to stay out of; the dog rolling around on the carpet after taking a dip in the river; perhaps a rowdy book club meeting [...]

Review: Great Value Naturals Cleaning Products Thumbnail

For the last several years, Walmart has been working on its Sustainability Index, a system that eventually will track every item on the retailer's shelves and give it a rating based on the product's green qualities. Back in September, the company revealed its Consumables Chemicals initiative, which aims to ensure that cleaning, personal care, beauty [...]

Sparkling Floors with Swiffer SteamBoost Thumbnail

I confess. I hate mopping. Even more than I hate ironing, which is saying a lot. Seriously, it's just tedious most of the time. The bucket filling, the constant squeezing out of the mop, changing water between rooms so as not to keep mopping with dirty water — all of it. About 2 years ago, [...]

O-Duster Floor Sweeper Review Thumbnail

I'm a wife, mother and a businesswoman, and I'm busy. All. The. Time. I will also fully admit that cleaning house is not one of my favorite things to do. All of this means that I love the idea of anything that will make cleaning easier for me. When I first saw commercials for the [...]

Why Mrs. Meyers is in Regular Rotation at my House Thumbnail

Back in 2008, when I first started this blog and began pushing my family toward a greener lifestyle, one of the first changes we made was our cleaning products. Perhaps that's because this was an obvious change. After all, when you're almost knocked out by the fumes emanating from the products you use to clean [...]