Show How You Upcycle for Chance to Win Thumbnail

Once you make a conscious effort to live a greener lifestyle, you’ll notice a mental shift. Things that once would’ve gone in the trash suddenly get a second look, and you’ll try to figure out how to reuse them, rather than just throw them away — even if they were going into the recycling bin. That [...]

Let Glidden Help You Create Your Dream Nursery Thumbnail

I recently learned that two different family members are pregnant. After my initial excitement for them subsided, my brain immediately went into nursery mode. Even if you haven’t done a whole lot to the rest of your home to make it as nontoxic as possible, the nursery is a great place to start. And of [...]

What Does Your Dream Home Look Like? Thumbnail

At this very second, I have at least folders between my computer and my external hard drive dedicated to our dream home and all the things we want to put in it. When we started thinking about this a few years ago, my taste was super modern, with very little room for anything “old” or [...]

Please Vote Daily for Ja’Naya, My Little Fighter Thumbnail

I don’t write often about my daughter here, mostly because I generally prefer to embrace the normalcy of our lives than to talk about her battle with leukemia. She’s doing well — wonderful in fact, and she hasn’t let any of it slow her down. Not even a little. Doctor’s appointments are a mere blip on [...]

I’m a 30 Under 30 Finalist and I Need Your Vote! (+Giveaway) Thumbnail

Remember back at the beginning of October when I shared my entry in Ecover’s 30 Under 30 contest? If you don’t remember, Ecover is seeking 30 young people under 30 years old who are actively working to protect the planet. Well, I have great news. I’m a finalist! That mean’s I’ve already won Ecover products [...]