Decorating Tips

Perfect is the Enemy of Good, Even in Decorating Thumbnail

You know my favorite thing about decorating? The idea that no two people will ever create and curate a space in exactly the same way. Given the same room, different people will have different visions for how it should look and function, all guided by their unique experiences and perspectives. But even given that ability [...]

How to Get Out of a Decorating Rut Thumbnail

My family and I have been living in our "new" house for more than a year. Want to know how much decorating I've done? Pretty much none. I know. I can't believe it myself. I think I was a bit burned out on decorating after living in a bunch of different apartments over the years [...]

Maintaining Wicker Furniture for Patio Use Thumbnail

by Wicker Paradise If you love the look of wicker furniture, you're not alone. The first wicker furniture was created for the ancient Romans, so it’s likely that they enjoyed patio chairs similar to the ones you have in your backyard. Even in ancient times, this material was prized for its resilience, and it has only [...]

Modern Fall Decor Requires a Little Ingenuity (+Tutorials) Thumbnail

You may have noticed something about my style. I don't really do traditional or kitschy decorating. Which is why I usually don't get into decorating for fall. Most of the fall decor you can buy in the store is just really not my style. So when Walmart challenged me to decorate my home using fall [...]

Guest Post Going green at home doesn't mean a lot of expensive changes to how things work. Simple changes to your home and your routine can have a huge impact on your power bill. Some of these ideas make great projects for kids too! You can use recycled paper to make your own lamps for [...]