DIY Projects

Have a Baby? Put a DIY Christmas Tree on the Wall Thumbnail

Baby Juliza has reached a destructive mobile phase. That gave me great pause when the time came to put up a Christmas tree. Understand that I love decorating the Christmas tree. It's probably my favorite part of the holidays, especially because we opt for a real tree every year. We take great pains in picking out [...]

Make a Festive, DIY Table Runner for Thanksgiving Thumbnail

I spend much of Thanksgiving in the kitchen cooking all the dishes that we traditionally make to go with the turkey. As a result, my yearly table decor is nothing if not simple. Because I just don't have time for anything too elaborate. This year likely will be no exception. So when Walmart challenged me to [...]

Back to School: DIY Homework Station Thumbnail

Now that school is back in session, and we're in a new home and new school district, we're working to get our routine back on track. Mornings are pretty solid, but afternoons are a bit trickier. In this county, my daughter gets home from school a full hour later than she used to, so homework has [...]

Personalize Baby’s Room with Wooden Letters Thumbnail

After what felt like endless years of apartment living, my family and I have finally moved into a house! Technically, we're still renting, but it is amazing not to have neighbors upstairs or downstairs. Of course, there are some (tiny) downsides. You remember that beautiful shared nursery we created for baby Juliza and her big [...]

Make DIY Size Separators for Baby’s Closet Thumbnail

I wish I could say that adding a baby to the family didn't bring back some of my former shopping habits, but alas, it has. There's little in this world in which I take more pleasure than dressing up my little girl, and I admit I'm enjoying this even more because my older daughter is [...]