Aerogarden: Perfect for the Lazy Gardener Thumbnail

Over the years, I have tried growing things SO many times. Really, I have. The problem is that I'm really just not good at it. You see, I have a habit of forgetting to check on plants. They're usually on the balcony or now that we're in a house, on the back patio. Therefore, they [...]

Garden Update: We’ve Got Sprouts! Thumbnail

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took on the task of planting some herbs and veggies, hoping that we'd eventually be able to bring the fruits of our labor into the kitchen for some literally fresh from the garden organics. I think it's safe to say that Spring-er has arrived in Georgia. "Spring-er", [...]

Let’s Get this Garden Started Right! Thumbnail

Last year, my husband and I put down an outdoor rug on our patio, added a couple of chairs, and planted some strawberries in a Topsy Turvy planter. Well, let's just say we hadn't done much out there since — except let the strawberries die. I know. Sad. Well, that was then, and this is [...]