Meet Two of the Women Disrupting the Beekeeping World Thumbnail

Farming is a profession where people typically imagine men, but more and more women across the nation are creating and seizing opportunities in the agricultural world. Whether it's to help low-income women find jobs or to teach urban citizens about agricultural pursuits, women are opening up to farming like never before. One of those women [...]

Aerogarden Review & Update: 19 Days Later Thumbnail

So...a few weeks ago, you may recall my excitement about the Aerogarden 3SL indoor gardening system. You know. That contraption that promised to turn me into a master gardener overnight. OK. That's an over-exaggeration. But the Aerogarden did promise to help me grow herbs, veggies and even flowers right on my kitchen counter, with little effort or [...]

Aerogarden: Perfect for the Lazy Gardener Thumbnail

Over the years, I have tried growing things SO many times. Really, I have. The problem is that I'm really just not good at it. You see, I have a habit of forgetting to check on plants. They're usually on the balcony or now that we're in a house, on the back patio. Therefore, they [...]

Finishing the Patio with a Beautiful Container Thumbnail

You may remember that my husband and I recently gave our patio a little makeover, mostly to rescue it from the pollen residue spring left behind — not to mention all the junk that had overtaken it during the cold months. Well, the final result was good, but something was still missing: You see that space [...]

Refreshing Our Patio on a Budget Thumbnail

So...remember the other day I shared a photo of our disaster of a patio? In case you don't, here are some more photos of it to jog your memory. Lovely, right? Well, the good news is that it got that way mostly due to laziness. So it really was nothing a little elbow grease couldn't [...]