Ignoring your A/C Will Cost You in Money & Energy Efficiency Thumbnail

Air conditioning systems, like other mechanical devices, will develop wear and tear with usage and age. It would be a grave mistake to ignore those expected minor issues surfacing in your air conditioning system or to avoid scheduling regular servicing and maintenance. Look for Heating and Cooling Experts who are certified technicians who have an [...]

Building an Eco-Friendly Boat Thumbnail

Boating is one hobby that has a high degree of connection to the environment. Those who like to be out on the open water are keenly aware of the importance of keeping that water clean and safe. So it's a natural fit for boat builders to do what they can to make their products as [...]

Working from Home? 4 Ways to Level Up Your Home Office Design Thumbnail

Working from home has its perks and its drawbacks. Some days you settle back into your office chair feeling lucky that you can work at your own pace and in your own environment. Other days, it may be a struggle to make yourself change out of pajamas and get down to business. No matter how [...]

3 Designers Who Set the Bar for Mid-Century Modern Design Thumbnail

Design does not necessarily require reinventing the wheel, and successful designers understand the importance of using the techniques of the designers who went before them to create something better. It is the job of a good designer to build on the work that has gone before and elevate it to a new ergonomic and aesthetic [...]

Buy a Home or Build a Home: Which is Greener? Thumbnail

My husband and I have a vision board posted in our kitchen. On it are all the things we want out of life, from the building my husband would like to buy to house his dream business to a multi-million dollar check to plans for the dream house we'd like to build. We've always had [...]