Millennials Are Changing the Way Homes Are Being Purchased Thumbnail

Millennials have finally broken into the housing market and it's changing the way property is being purchased. According to Business Insider, Zillow actually launched a new website specifically for millennials who are looking to purchase their first home. The site helps millennials deal with the various financial aspects of home buying that can seem extremely [...]

Niche Farming is Revolutionizing the Agriculture Industry and Changing the World Thumbnail

Across the U.S., and branching out into other places of the world, niche farming is growing into its own popular form of agriculture. From household botany lovers and horse breeders to industrial hemp producers and malaria researchers, niche farming is on its way to revolutionize the agricultural industry and potentially change the world. In Marion [...]

This Bamboo Toilet Paper Can Help You Treat the Earth (and Your Behind) With Care Thumbnail

There are plenty of steps an eco-conscious homeowner can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle. From solar panels to high-efficiency appliances, emerging technologies will help reduce your carbon emissions and energy bills without having to sacrifice on comfort. Many homeowners will opt for bamboo floors when they renovate, as during harvest, more than 80% [...]

Ignoring your A/C Will Cost You in Money & Energy Efficiency Thumbnail

Air conditioning systems, like other mechanical devices, will develop wear and tear with usage and age. It would be a grave mistake to ignore those expected minor issues surfacing in your air conditioning system or to avoid scheduling regular servicing and maintenance. Look for Heating and Cooling Experts who are certified technicians who have an [...]

Building an Eco-Friendly Boat Thumbnail

Boating is one hobby that has a high degree of connection to the environment. Those who like to be out on the open water are keenly aware of the importance of keeping that water clean and safe. So it's a natural fit for boat builders to do what they can to make their products as [...]