Green Gift Giveaway: Kris Nations State Necklace Thumbnail

I’m not much of a girly girl, so while I love earrings (feathers, anyone?), I’m usually not big on other jewelry like gold grillz or fashion necklaces. However, every other woman or girl on my Christmas shopping list loves it. From my daughter to my nieces and all the adults, they’d be overjoyed to receive [...]

Green Gift Giveaway: Pencils & Journal from Write with Moxie Thumbnail

My daughter goes through a LOT of pencils. She uses them for her homework during the week, but she also loves to write and draw just for fun. Needless to say, I am always looking for pencils made from recycled or otherwise sustainable materials, because I hate the idea of buying pencils made from virgin [...]

Green Gift Giveaway: New Nostalgia Organics Soaps & Lotions Thumbnail

I don’t know for sure that I am the No. 1 of Nostalgia Organics, but I can say with certainty that I’m no lower than number 2 or 3. I keep a regular stash of Nostalgia soaps in my bathroom, and I freak out whenever I realize I’m running low. Suffice it to say that [...]

Green Gift Giveaway: New Jammies Organic Kids’ Pajamas Thumbnail

Many families traditionally give pajamas for Christmas. This had not been true for our family until recent years. The problem is that most kids’ pajamas are made with toxic chemical flame retardants, because most of them are made of polyester. Finding 100% cotton PJs is a challenge, and finding 100% organic cotton PJs is even [...]

Green Gift Giveaway: Organic iPad Case from Zaum Thumbnail

You knew they were coming! This year, I have a slew of awesome green gift giveaways for your pleasure, starting with an awesome, handmade iPad case from Zaum. I love Mod Green Pod fabrics — almost as much as I love my iPad. So when I discovered these beautiful pieces made from Mod Green Pod’s [...]