Green Building

China To Build First Green City, Estimated Completion In 2020 Thumbnail

The United States possesses one of the largest construction industries in the world, with a market share of 10% of the global construction market. But it’s only number two on the list, and number one has proven its point in a bold way. The nation with the largest construction market in the world is China, [...]

6 Green Features Every Luxury Home Should Have Thumbnail

People often mistakenly think of the words luxury and green as mutually exclusive. This is an unfortunate prejudice, and a home’s carbon footprint does not necessarily have anything to do with its size or appearance. There are many ways to make a luxury home environmentally friendly, too, if you are interested in living both conscientiously and luxuriously. [...]

9 Ways Your Dream Home Can Be Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

Many of us aspire to have homes that are luxurious, accommodating and glamorous. However, you can also make an effort to buy a house that is green and sustainably designed. It is absolutely possible to enjoy luxury living while considering the environment. Here are some green features that you should be on the lookout for [...]

Highly Anticipated Tesla Solar Panels Available, But Come at a Price Thumbnail

In the digital age, it’s not so uncommon for America’s movers and shakers to forgo a formal press conference and opt to make an announcement on social media. After all, the president does so all the time, so why shouldn’t the country’s best and brightest? But while many are loath to see a late-night tweet from [...]

Eco-Friendly Options for Home Siding Thumbnail

Replacing the siding is one of the most inexpensive ways to remodel your home’s exterior and boost your home’s value. Siding improves your curb appeal and can easily make your house exterior look brand new again. Thanks to the green movement, these building materials are now available with more eco-friendly options. Here we’ll look at [...]