Green Building

Green Steal of the Week: Dwell Home Plan Available at Gilt Groupe! Thumbnail

My husband and I have dreams of building a beautiful, green prefab home, complete with a modern aesthetic that would make it stand out from the traditional homes you can find in Georgia. And while we're in no position to act on that dream just yet, today is one of those days when I really [...]

Beautiful Off-Grid Living: Big Sur Prefab House Thumbnail

I'm usually not the jealous type, but I honestly envy people live completely off the grid. I'm sure this kind of lifestyle comes with its own challenges, but it must be nice to never receive utility bills or have to worry about outages. Add to that the fact that this home is gorgeous and at [...]

HGTV Green Home 2010: What Do You Think? Thumbnail

I like to think of myself as a pretty huge fangirl for HGTV's Green Home. Every year, I wait with eager anticipation to see where the home will be, how it will be laid out and decorated and what will be green about it. This year, I hate to say it, but I find myself [...]

Michelle Kaufmann Homes are Back — Sort Of Thumbnail

Remember a few months ago I blogged my despair when Michelle Kaufmann shut down her green prefab architecture and home building firm? I was devastated as my husband and I watched our dreams — however far off — of owning a Michelle Kaufmann home go down the drain. So I am happy to report that Blu Homes, [...]

Green Home Tour: Greenhaven Show House in Marietta, GA Thumbnail

Last week, I was admittedly feeling a little uninspired and in desperate need of a few shots of creative juice. So on Saturday, the family and I made a day trip to Marietta, GA, about an hour and a half away, to seek out some of that needed inspiration -- and we found that and [...]