Green Living

Geography & Green Living: It Matters Where You Live Thumbnail

Pollution is a worldwide problem. We have one atmosphere and one water supply, so we all have to contribute to the protection of the environment. No one is exempt. But what does change from place to place is the ability of the population to do their part, and that isn't just a statement about income. [...]

Fighting Climate Change as an Individual Thumbnail

The vast majority of scientists and most ration people agree that climate change is a very real and very serious phenomenon. Where many people disagree though, is what to do about it. In light of the U.S. pulling out of the Paris agreement, it has become clear that we the people may have to take [...]

Tips To Make An Eco-Friendly First Aid Kit Thumbnail

Especially if you have children, creating a home free of toxins and contaminants is likely high on your priority list. Studies show that indoor environments can be two to five times more toxic than outdoor environments. In more severe cases, indoor air is 100 times more polluted as well. While purifying your home's air and [...]

Environmentally Conscious Techniques for Your Parents Thumbnail

Younger generations often adapt and become advocates for environmental consciousness. That doesn’t mean older generations are resistant to the new methodologies and practices that are better for our planet, it may simply mean they are less aware of the easy ways it is possible to help make the earth healthier. Two of the biggest ways [...]

Greener Living: Common Complaints and Easy Solutions Thumbnail

Everyone has felt that pang of guilt when a Greenpeace commercial comes on. You feel powerless and ultimately unhelpful whenever you are reminded of the negative effects of climate change and wonder what the realistic thing to feel helpful would be. Is going green really all that doable, or is it just an expensive trend? [...]