Green Living

Five Obvious Ways to Make Your Home Greener Thumbnail

Sometimes, I tend to forget that all of you haven't been reading Green Your Decor since the beginning. I assume that you're all pretty far along on your journeys toward a greener home, and I write with that underlying assumption in mind. Well, this post is for the people who may not be so far [...]

Is Self-Sufficiency Just a Dream in the Modern World? Thumbnail

Are you preparing for the zombie apocalypse? I'm kidding about the zombies, of course, but one part of the question is valid. Are you prepared to be completely self-sufficient should the need arise? If the world's infrastructure suddenly collapsed and we were all left to fend for ourselves, most of us would be in big trouble. For [...]

Happy Earth Day. Now Do Something for Her. Thumbnail

As a blogger who focuses largely on sustainability here and who weaves it into Green & Gorgeous as often as possible, I talk and think about sustainability often. As a result, I tend to neglect Earth Day, because I try to be mindful of the Earth every day. But in the future, I’m going to do [...]

We’re hit with 300 toxins before we’re even born!

I've been blogging about green living since 2008 — which feels almost like a lifetime. Since then, so many of our habits as a family have changed, and we have become much more mindful of the things we put in and on our bodies. As a mom, I am particularly mindful of the things I [...]

The Home Depot Will Help Me Hide My Recycling Thumbnail

Once upon a time in Green Your Decor land, recycling was a priority. The whole family removed labels, flattened boxes and carefully organized recyclables by type. But then life happened, and our recycling situation turned into this: Yes. That is a plastic trash bag hanging from the heating closet in our kitchen. Not exactly the [...]