Green Living

5 Ways To Significantly Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Thumbnail

When it comes to your home’s air quality, most homeowners never go beyond installing a carbon monoxide detector. But that’s a pretty low bar to set for your family’s health: if the air isn’t literally killing you, it’s nothing to worry about. The truth is, the average child catches between six and 10 colds a [...]

Millennials Demand Sustainable Travel Options, But Will Industry Respond? Thumbnail

While more than half of Millennials say that cost is a barrier to leisure travel, an increasing number of young people see the lack of sustainable travel and lodging options as a major obstacle, too. As a result of increasing demand for green travel, some luxury businesses are responding to fulfill their clients’ needs — [...]

How to Make Moving More Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

Moving is an inevitable — and often dreaded — part of life. You might have to move for a job, for school, for a relationship, or when your financial situation or the needs of your family change. You may not be able to avoid moving, but you can take control of how the process unfolds, [...]

Green, Clean, and Healthy: How Sustainable Office Practices Are Helping People Thrive Thumbnail

Not every office in the U.S. can be like the headquarters for the American Society of Interior Designers. After all, they’ve made visually appealing environments their business. But they’ve also embraced eco-friendly practices to the -nth degree, as their Washington, D.C. office was just named the greenest and healthiest on the entire planet. ASID has [...]

Geography & Green Living: It Matters Where You Live Thumbnail

Pollution is a worldwide problem. We have one atmosphere and one water supply, so we all have to contribute to the protection of the environment. No one is exempt. But what does change from place to place is the ability of the population to do their part, and that isn’t just a statement about income. [...]