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Green Your Rental Pt. 2: Watch What You Bring into Your Home Thumbnail

Photo by sfgirlbybay Having been a renter for so many years, I have often wondered what tips other interior designers and green experts had about what renters can do to make their homes as eco-friendly as possible without ticking off their landlords. This week, I’ll be offering up some of the best suggestions. Today, I'll [...]

Green Your Rental Pt. 1: Start with Changes You Can Make Thumbnail

Photo by BastArd StarFiSh My husband and I have long dreamed of being homeowners with the means to renovate or modify our home to make it as green as possible. Alas, life had other plans for us, and we're living in a rented home, at least for now. This comes with a bevy of limitations [...]

How do you Prepare Your Home for Fall? Thumbnail

Summer in Georgia this year has been brutal. OK. If I'm honest, every summer in Georgia is brutal. Stepping outside can feel a lot like sticking your head in the oven. As such, my family has spent most of the past few months indoors with the air-conditioner running at full blast. The folks at [...]

Five Obvious Ways to Make Your Home Greener Thumbnail

Sometimes, I tend to forget that all of you haven't been reading Green Your Decor since the beginning. I assume that you're all pretty far along on your journeys toward a greener home, and I write with that underlying assumption in mind. Well, this post is for the people who may not be so far [...]

Is Self-Sufficiency Just a Dream in the Modern World? Thumbnail

Are you preparing for the zombie apocalypse? I'm kidding about the zombies, of course, but one part of the question is valid. Are you prepared to be completely self-sufficient should the need arise? If the world's infrastructure suddenly collapsed and we were all left to fend for ourselves, most of us would be in big trouble. For [...]