Four Ideas to Create a Cozier Kitchen Thumbnail

There’s no busier place in the home than the kitchen — especially if you have kids. It’s the place where meals are prepared and shared with loved ones, but it also serves as a central meeting and conversation point for many households. Ideally every room in a home should have a warm feel, but given [...]

Aerogarden: Perfect for the Lazy Gardener Thumbnail

Over the years, I have tried growing things SO many times. Really, I have. The problem is that I'm really just not good at it. You see, I have a habit of forgetting to check on plants. They're usually on the balcony or now that we're in a house, on the back patio. Therefore, they [...]

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sale at Zulily Thumbnail

It's not very often that flash sale sites like Zulily or RueLaLa offer up sales exclusively featuring eco-friendly products, so when they do, I pay close attention. Until Tuesday at 9am EST, you can find products to help you deck out your green kitchen in the Zulily Eco-Friendly Kitchen sale. Prices start at $7.99, and [...]

Food Saver Challenge: Did I Fail? Thumbnail

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the newest toy in my kitchen, the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system. The challenge was set: I was to use it for three weeks and record how much money I saved by preserving food items in the FoodSaver bags. The problem? The way I shop. In order for [...]

Taking the Food Saver Challenge Thumbnail

I hate grocery shopping. There. I said it. I am one of those people who will put off going to the store for weeks, forcing my husband to stop in at the nearest store to replace staples like milk, eggs and bread. That said, I am always looking for ways to get out of regular [...]