4 Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Options Thumbnail

Renovating your home, or even just one room, can get pretty expensive rather quickly. One room that usually takes priority during renovations is the kitchen. A kitchen can be the backbone of a home — it’s where meals are cooked and eaten together, homework is done, and family bonding takes place. There are ways to [...]

Why Are Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels So Valuable? Thumbnail

We spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve our homes — both for ourselves and to improve resale value. In fact, every decision we make when it comes to home renovation, whether it’s paint color or the details of a large-scale remodel, will have an effect on the overall value of our [...]

When to Call a Professional Plumber Thumbnail

No homeowner ever wants to encounter a serious plumbing issue, but for the vast majority of people, it is simply unavoidable. Your home’s plumbing system, much like other fixtures in your home, requires routine maintenance in order to remain in working order. This fact is often overlooked by many homeowners, and many issues can arise [...]

Four Ideas to Create a Cozier Kitchen Thumbnail

There’s no busier place in the home than the kitchen — especially if you have kids. It’s the place where meals are prepared and shared with loved ones, but it also serves as a central meeting and conversation point for many households. Ideally every room in a home should have a warm feel, but given [...]

Aerogarden: Perfect for the Lazy Gardener Thumbnail

Over the years, I have tried growing things SO many times. Really, I have. The problem is that I’m really just not good at it. You see, I have a habit of forgetting to check on plants. They’re usually on the balcony or now that we’re in a house, on the back patio. Therefore, they [...]