Know Asbestos Before Tackling a Green Remodel Thumbnail

Motivated to get our homes on the green end of the spectrum, it’s easy to want to dive right into the project. But before you start ripping out paneling and replacing your roof, it’s important to have all your roofing questions answered in a safe way, which you can contact the Roofing Repair Company for [...]

Home Fashion Statement: Stardust Recycled Tile Thumbnail

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with big remodeling jobs like kitchens or bathrooms, but I know beautiful tilework when I see it. As soon as I saw the recycled glass tile made by Stardust Glass, I knew I’d found something special. Anyone who has been reading this site for any length of [...]

My Wilsonart Experience: Selecting Eco-Friendly Laminate Wood Flooring Thumbnail

I’ve ranted and raved more than once before about how much I hate living with wall-to-wall carpet. Well, a few months ago, I was contacted by a representative of flooring company Wilsonart to tell me about an innovative green product: their laminate wood flooring. I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking the same [...]

I hit the motherlode today in my search for great deal on eco-friendly home products, so I figured I’d present all of them in one post. Deer In The Woods Organic Print by Amenity I have had my eye on this beautiful, kid-friendly organic cotton print from Amenity for a long time, and has [...]

I’ve written time and time again about how much I dislike carpet. It gets dirty and traps bacteria, often contributing to poor indoor air quality in a home. But I understand that many homes these days come standard with carpet, and flooring isn’t exactly the cheapest thing in your home to replace. Fortunately, there are [...]