Nursery Dreaming with Walmart Thumbnail

I have to say, one of the most fun parts of having a baby for me was planning the nursery. I had so much fun imagining colors and patterns and how I'd put it all together, particularly because my two girls were sharing a room when baby Juliza first came home from the hospital. The [...]

Personalize Baby’s Room with Wooden Letters Thumbnail

After what felt like endless years of apartment living, my family and I have finally moved into a house! Technically, we're still renting, but it is amazing not to have neighbors upstairs or downstairs. Of course, there are some (tiny) downsides. You remember that beautiful shared nursery we created for baby Juliza and her big [...]

We’ve Finally Finished Our Eco-Friendly Shared Nursery Thumbnail

So, my baby girl is 11 weeks old today. That means this post has been at least 12 weeks coming. I really wanted to share it before she was born, but since she surprised me and came 3 weeks early, the nursery wasn't quite done. And since she's been sleeping in her co-sleeper in the [...]

Make DIY Size Separators for Baby’s Closet Thumbnail

I wish I could say that adding a baby to the family didn't bring back some of my former shopping habits, but alas, it has. There's little in this world in which I take more pleasure than dressing up my little girl, and I admit I'm enjoying this even more because my older daughter is [...]

Green Sleep for Baby: Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress (+Giveaway) Thumbnail

When I first became a mom, going green was the furthest thing from my mind. No. Really. My husband and I had only been married a little more than a year, and we had gone through a lot in that year. He was in a near-fatal car accident, and much of our time and money [...]