Made in the Shade Thumbnail

For most people, Memorial Day marks the official start of summer. My family and I usually spend the weekend celebrating carnival in Atlanta, but this year, we'll have some family over, and with a few little ones in tow, we'll more likely spend that time at home enjoying their company and avoiding the crowds. And [...]

Adding a Deck? Composite Wood Might be Right for You Thumbnail

This is about the time of year when we all begin to miss being outside. Well, adding a deck to your home will add value to your property, but it will also give you more living space. No matter where you live, you can get a lot of use out of additional outdoor space. You [...]

Maintaining Wicker Furniture for Patio Use Thumbnail

by Wicker Paradise If you love the look of wicker furniture, you're not alone. The first wicker furniture was created for the ancient Romans, so it’s likely that they enjoyed patio chairs similar to the ones you have in your backyard. Even in ancient times, this material was prized for its resilience, and it has only [...]

Throwing Shade: Our Hopes for the Backyard Thumbnail

So...I mentioned that we finally moved into a house! I've sort of mentioned it in passing, about how awesome it has been thus far. And "awesome" really is the best way to describe it. But so is "overwhelming." After three years of living in the same apartment and doing all that we thought we could really [...]

Unique Ways to Restyle Your Outdoor Space Thumbnail

When it comes to the overall look of your outdoor space, whether it's a yard or patio, minor adjustments can mean a lot. Here's a collection of ideas to restyle your yard in innovative ways. Photo via Trendir Wooden benches come in a lot of unusual and interesting shapes and they can give you a [...]