5 Improvements to Make Your Patio More Sustainable Thumbnail

In Perth, Western Australia the average temperature is around 20 degree Celsius (about 68 Fahrenheit) with calm winds and fresh breezes. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside and enjoy such beautiful weather? Having a patio at all is a great way to do so, but in addition to the simple enjoyment of the outdoors, here [...]

5 Tips for Making Your Landscaping Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

Now that beautiful weather has returned and summer is approaching, my family is starting to spend a lot more time outdoors. But if I’m honest, our backyard is not the most appealing place to spend time. There is a concrete patio slab with no shade and our lawn is patchy at best and covered in [...]

Eco-Friendly Tips for a Stunning Outdoor Living Space Thumbnail

Creating an eco-friendly outdoor living space isn’t just about planting a beautiful garden. You can create a stunning and unique living area outside that’s perfect for parties or just a casual summer day in the sun. If you’re ready to take a step toward revamping your exterior living space, here are a few ideas to [...]

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Thumbnail

When we think about investing in eco-friendly furniture, we’re generally thinking about indoor furniture. But when buying outdoor furniture, it is still important to consider eco-friendly materials. Here’s some great information about what to look for when shopping for green outdoor furniture, and why how these materials compare to traditional outdoor furniture. Make sure to [...]

Made in the Shade Thumbnail

For most people, Memorial Day marks the official start of summer. My family and I usually spend the weekend celebrating carnival in Atlanta, but this year, we’ll have some family over, and with a few little ones in tow, we’ll more likely spend that time at home enjoying their company and avoiding the crowds. And [...]