Product Reviews

Review: GreenLife Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Thumbnail

Update: After using this cookware for a few weeks, the ceramic began to stick and degrade significantly. I can no longer honestly recommend it. Quiet as it’s kept, I really like nonstick cookware. Mostly because I don’t enjoy wasting my precious elbow grease scrubbing the day’s meals off my pots. What I don’t like is [...]

Review: Great Value Naturals Cleaning Products Thumbnail

For the last several years, Walmart has been working on its Sustainability Index, a system that eventually will track every item on the retailer’s shelves and give it a rating based on the product’s green qualities. Back in September, the company revealed its Consumables Chemicals initiative, which aims to ensure that cleaning, personal care, beauty [...]

It’s probably seemed quiet around here for the past few weeks. That’s because I have hit what I call my after-Christmas crash. Basically, the month of December is one of my busiest, meaning that I’m usually going and going, right up until Christmas. Or until I just can’t go any more. So instead of starting [...]

Three Months of Great Sleep Does the Body Good Thumbnail

It’s been a little more than 3 months since my husband and I received our new organic mattress set from The Clean Bedroom, and oh, what wonderful months they have been. It’s hard to explain the difference in sleeping on an old lumpy innerspring mattress and a plush, natural latex one to someone who has [...]

Trex Outdoor Furniture is Recycled Plastic at its Best Thumbnail

Over the years, we’ve owned our fair share of patio furniture. Some of it broke, some of it was given away, and some of it just weathered in ways that weren’t very attractive. I love the look of wood outdoor furniture when it’s new, but wood can rot, split or crack depending on weather conditions, [...]