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Think Outside the Toybox for Storage Thumbnail

People told us that our home would change when we had children. At the time, I thought they just meant that life would be completely different, because — you know — you have an actual human person whose life depends completely on you. But now that I’m onto my second child, I realize that they [...]

Make DIY Size Separators for Baby’s Closet Thumbnail

I wish I could say that adding a baby to the family didn’t bring back some of my former shopping habits, but alas, it has. There’s little in this world in which I take more pleasure than dressing up my little girl, and I admit I’m enjoying this even more because my older daughter is [...]

Rubbermaid Access Really Does Make Storage Easier Thumbnail

So yesterday, I told you we still had one last patio project to finish, and it was hiding behind Door No. 1: I’m almost ashamed to show you what was behind the door, but here goes nothing! Just in case the suitcases are misleading you about how horrible it was inside that closet, let me [...]

Closet Organization, Eco Style Thumbnail

The room in our apartment that we have the most trouble keeping clean and organized is, sadly, our master bedroom. The living room is straightened and de-cluttered pretty much every day, and I clean the kitchen daily too. But I guess since most of our time there is spent sleeping, we just don’t focus much [...]

Taking the Food Saver Challenge Thumbnail

I hate grocery shopping. There. I said it. I am one of those people who will put off going to the store for weeks, forcing my husband to stop in at the nearest store to replace staples like milk, eggs and bread. That said, I am always looking for ways to get out of regular [...]