June 2008

When you have children, you become skilled at finding places to put things. Sure, there’s a toybox in their bedroom. But without fail, toys, video games, stuffed animals and more will find their way to the living room and likely end up on the floor. Ever had an unexpected guest in the middle of a [...]

I used to just smile and nod at my husband to hear him talk about how much the trees and nature inspired him. That is, until I sat outside with him one day and just paid attention. No talking, no books, no nothing — just us and nature. And I got it. Clearly, artist Alena [...]

There are times when simplicity will win over extravagance. The green movement, at its core, is evidence of that. When applying that to decorating, sometimes we get excited by the flash and frills of the newest products. By no means am I excluding myself from that number. After all, great home products are what Green [...]

I am a huge proponent of eliminating paper waste, and this can be done in a variety of ways. I love the GreenDimes.com service, which effectively ends the stream of junk mail that come to our homes. You can also print on both sides of the paper both at work and at home, and switch [...]

I’ve never really been a “cat person” or had one for a pet, but from my limited experience, I know that when they’re not being moody, they like to frolic and play. Of course, noone wants an ugly scratching post or unsightly fuzzy cat tree in the middle of their living room. But this cat [...]