February 2009

Color Reigns: Barcelona Bench, Chair & Cubes from Viva Terra Thumbnail

As much as I love bright, vibrant colors, my room designs generally tend to revolve around 3 or 4 colors, alternating shades of those colors throughout the space. I love the look of rooms that blend colors without abandon. The home of Jennifer Ramos of Made By Girl comes to mind when I think of [...]

Review: Organic & Natural Accent Pillows by Fabricabra (+Giveaway!) Thumbnail

I’ve said before that throw pillows are a great, inexpensive way to “redecorate” your home once you’re tired of a certain look. For example, my husband I have a large red sectional sofa in storage that we’ve had for several years. Although the sectional is no longer my taste, with my lofty green ideals, it [...]

Welcome New Sponsor C60 Bamboo! Thumbnail

It makes me smile on the inside that eco-friendly products, companies and living are becoming more prominent, and that people are responding to it. As demand for healthier living grows, it breeds innovation. My new sponsor, C60 Bamboo, has taken that spirit of innovation to a whole new level with their bamboo carbon products. Bamboo [...]

This week, New to You is featuring great finds in the greater Toronto area. I know that I have quite a few Canadian readers, so I want to make sure I’m not excluding them. I found a lot of great vintage pieces and a lot of furniture that would be perfect for a low-cost rehab [...]

Top 5 Affordable Eco-Friendly Sofas & Chairs Thumbnail

As of October 1, 2010, all of these items are sold out. Click here for more affordable, eco-friendly seating options that are currently available. As you all well know, eco-friendly upholstered furniture can definitely lean toward the unaffordable for many people. While I would be willing to cut back and save up for an $8000 [...]