June 2009

Green How-To: Customize Bamboo Blinds with a Graphic Freehand Paint Job Thumbnail

For years, I’ve been dreaming about having free reign to decorate a space as I pleased and actually putting my ideas for customization into action. Apparently though, that requires a couple of things, the most important of which is having our own home where we can decorate as we like. Doing a surprise patio makeover [...]

Finally, Green Outdoor Pillows: Comfort Earth pillows from Target Thumbnail

Remember how I said I couldn’t find any eco-friendly outdoor pillows when I was sourcing products for my patio makeover? Well, guess what I found when I walked into Target just three days after buying a set of 3 non-sustainable outdoor pillows from Home Depot? Green outdoor pillows. I wasn’t able to find these pillows [...]

In Heaven at Go Green Expo, Atlanta Thumbnail

I keep promising myself that I’ll start attending more green events so I can become better aware of new products, advancements and innovations as soon as they are on the market so I can share them with you. I had my first opportunity this past weekend at Go Green Expo in Atlanta. I was able [...]

Green Rooms in a Box: Patio Makeover Revealed! Thumbnail

I’ve been excited about bringing this Green Room in a Box from an idea to reality ever since I first posted it. It’s amazing how easy it is to get sidetracked on a decorating project. If it took my husband and I 2 months long to complete a patio makeover, I can imagine how long [...]

Drunk on the Sound of Music: Pure Malt Speakers from Pioneer Thumbnail

Putting together the eco-friendly man cave for the Green Rooms in a Box series the other day reminded me of two things: How much I love my husband, because I really want to give him a room like that when we have our own home, and How integral our electronic toys are in our everyday [...]