September 2009

Hanging Exclamation Point: Silk Cocoon Hanging Lamp Thumbnail

After living among boxes for a few days, I wanted to complete at least one room. A place of order, if you will, in an apartment otherwise in a state of chaos. The dining room won. My husband and I painted the living room and dining room the day before we officially moved in, so [...]

Just Add a Good Book: Linden Armchair from West Elm Thumbnail

Whew! This has been a long week and a half for me. The actually process of moving is almost never fun, but even less so when you have to do it all yourself up a very narrow flight of stairs. But you know what? Having our own place is worth every bump, bruise and scratch [...]

Stuck-on Style: Mae Fabric Wall Stickers Thumbnail

If you’re wondering about the erratic posting schedule here at Green Your Decor since last week, there is an explanation. My family and I are moving into our own place after 2 long years, and I am buzzing with excitement! It’s an apartment and not a house, but I’m still incredibly giddy about the prospect [...]

Table Scraps: Reclaimed Wood Furniture by ecotables Thumbnail

Lately, I’ve been really drawn to furniture made from scrapwood. I thought that I really loved dark wood, and while I still do, I’m really warming up to the idea of seeing it paired with wood in other tones. The Oops Crib from Structured Green is a great example, but I’ve been looking for more [...]

Air Your Dirty Laundry: Savannah Divided Seagrass Hamper Thumbnail

One of the biggest problems my husband and I face is where to keep our dirty laundry. I mean that literally — not figuratively. Right now, we’re using a ratty old collapsible nylon hamper I’ve had since college, and the thing really is on its last legs. But we appreciate that it has a pretty [...]