October 2009

Eco on Display: Greenguard Nursery Decorated with Indoor Air in Mind Thumbnail

I go to the extreme when I create my Green Rooms in a Box, insisting that every item included has some eco-friendly qualities whenever I can help it. Apparently, I’m not the only one who goes to these lengths to create green rooms. At the ABC Kids Expo, the Greenguard Environmental Institute debuted a nursery [...]

More than Just a Bottle: GreenCycleDesigns Upcycled Vases Thumbnail

Every time I throw a glass bottle into the recycling bin, I have the nagging thought that with just a little creativity, I could turn those bottles into something I’d really like to put on display. Unfortunately, that nagging feeling never turned into action — at least not for me. Clearly Etsy seller Tara Ackerman [...]

Nursery Eye Candy = Baby Fever: Eicho & Roh Collections by Spot on Square Thumbnail

I’m coming down with a serious case of baby fever. Perhaps its the fact that we finally have enough room to welcome a new addition to our family, or the fact that it’s been a few years since I held an infant in my arms and I want my daughter to have a sibling in [...]

It’s in the Details: Arroyo Collection by Amenity Thumbnail

Now that I have a whole apartment to decorate, I’ve begun to notice a trend. I never finish one room before trying to move on to the next. The furniture is mostly there (except for the living room, thanks to a move-in mishap), and I’ve even put up window treatments. But none of the rooms [...]

Save a Gallon or 10: Earth Massage Handheld Showerhead (+Giveaway) Thumbnail

My family recently moved into an apartment in an older building that comes with a lot of quirks. The water running from our faucets turns brown on days with a lot of rain, and no matter what we do to get rid of them, we find at least a few occasional spiders and bugs. We [...]