February 2010

Friday Room Reveal: Kelli’s Bright and Beautiful Nursery Thumbnail

It makes my day when readers thank me for helping them make their homes greener through this site. I feel like I’m doing my job of making green decorating accessible to any and everyone. It makes me even happier when I get to see photos of their fully-decorated spaces. Kelli Taylor of Purple Tree Photography, [...]

I’ve Got the Blues: Indigo Shower Curtain from Viva Terra Thumbnail

I’ve never been a “muted” kind of girl when it comes to color. Although I do love shades of gray and chocolate brown, I’m also not afraid of bright pops of color like chartreuse, orange or yellow. In fact, I need that kind of color to inspire me. So when I want fabrics dyed with [...]

My Search for the Perfect, Affordable Green Desk Thumbnail

As much as I love to decorate, sometimes I really hate shopping for furniture. Why, you ask? Simply put, because of my conscience. I am in the market for a new desk. In order to be closer to my daughter’s doctors, we are moving about an hour away into a smaller apartment. We currently use [...]

Eating on Art: Terrafirma Natural Dinnerware Thumbnail

Disposable plates are not welcome in my home. I kick myself every time I eat out and forget to use my own container, but behind my front door? The only disposable plates you’ll find are the Dora the Explorer paper plates left over from my daughter’s 2nd birthday party more than 2 years ago. They [...]

Look What the Dumpster Angels Have Delivered Thumbnail

You know how you always read on decorating blogs how people have refurbished great pieces of furniture that they found sitting by a dumpster, in an alley or on the curb for trash pickup? I always thought those people were pretty lucky, since none of my neighbors ever seemed to throw away any furniture, let [...]