February 2010

Winsome Windows: Bethany Organic Voile Sheer Drapes Thumbnail

The floral pattern on these Bethany sheer drapes from Pottery Barn isn’t really my style. So why am I posting about them? There is a point, I promise you. Second to naked walls, one thing I absolutely hate living with is naked windows. A room just doesn’t feel complete without window treatments of some kind. [...]

Introducing You to the New, Greener GYD Site Design Thumbnail

You’ve probably noticed that things look a lot different around here. If you haven’t noticed, either you’re not very observant or you’re reading this via RSS or email. If that’s the case, trust me — the new design is worth a visit. Clearly I saw some inspiring works from http://www.sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk/ and wanted to create something [...]

Get in the Mood to Create: Daisy Janie Organic Fabrics Thumbnail

I have realized something in my for interior decor perfection: There is no such thing. I am not exaggerating when I say I have been searching for the perfect pillows for our sofa for months. I have an idea of what I want them to look like, but I’ve been unable to find pillows that [...]

If you’re a regular reader of Green Your Decor, you know by now that I’m a graphic designer by trade. And if you’re a new reader, you know now :) While I’m generally too busy to do any design work for myself, sometimes I get the itch to make things look different. Thus, as much [...]

Ode to Mode, the Recycling Center I Never Knew I Needed Thumbnail

As much as I love to recycle, I have always hated looking at our cheap — and recently cracked — plastic recycling bin, particularly when filled with empty bottles and cans. And so, the bin remained hidden behind the dining table, an inconvenient place once we considered the fact that most of our recycling comes [...]