April 2010

Friday Room Reveal: Lynn’s Eclectic Living & Dining Room Thumbnail

It’s not often that I get to peek inside my readers’ homes, so I jump on the chance to share it with all of you. Lynn Colwell is one of my favorite women on the green scene. You may recognize her from the awesome book “Celebrate Green,” which she co-authored with her daughter, Corey Colwell-Lipson. [...]

Ever Wonder What to Do with Bottle Caps? Make Art! Thumbnail

There are a lot of small, random non-recyclable materials that I tend to collect, hoping that one day I’ll have a spark of creativity and figure out what to do with them. For a while, it was toilet paper rolls, and now it’s bottle caps. I can’t tell you how many of these I have [...]

Drab or Fab: Recycled Papier Mache Rhino & Zebra Heads Thumbnail

It’s been a while since I’ve found something truly worthy of a Drab or Fab post, but when I saw these heads at Anthropologie the other day, I  knew they were perfect for one. As a general rule, I’m averse to the idea of having animal heads hanging from a wall, whether they’re real or [...]

All in the Details: Recycled Candle Holders & Bowls Thumbnail

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the details of a room. You know — all the little things that turn it from a house into a home. Without them, we’d be faced with blank tabletops, empty dressers and no sense of personality. As I move from room to room throughout my home, I’m happy to say [...]

Organic Cotton Springtime Bedding Favorites Thumbnail

There’s something about the changing seasons that makes me want to decorate each room anew. My husband and I recently completed our master bedroom, as well as a special room for our daughter, but I couldn’t help searching the web for gorgeous organic bedding. These picks are among my favorites, and they remind me that [...]