June 2010

Need an Excuse to Ditch Paper Towels? Check Out Paper Cloud’s Napkins & Placemats Thumbnail

My husband, daughter and I have long been used to the idea of not using paper towels or napkins. But for my stepsons, who are here for the summer and are used to different type of lifestyle, the transition took a little explaining and demonstration. Since then, I don’t think they’ve asked about it because [...]

My Dream Bed…Again? MASH Studios PCH Canopy Bed Thumbnail

Sometimes, my taste is akin to shooting myself in the foot. This is mostly because I don’t have an unlimited budget, but also because I often find pieces that I think are “perfect” for me, only to have my taste change a few days/weeks/months later. For example, a while back I went through a phase [...]

Something to Keep Forever: Heirloom Recipe Card Box Thumbnail

Of late, our kitchen resembles a study in what NOT to do in terms of decor. Rather that cute bread boxes or bowls of fruit, our counters are adorned with bread and fruit — in the same containers or bags they were in when we brought them home. The SodaStream soda maker that we never [...]

Neutral, but Not Boring: Organic Wilshire Floral Percale Bedding Thumbnail

I will completely admit that I have a hard time decorating with traditional neutrals: white, off white, beige, ecru…whatever you want to call it. I’ve seen so many homes and rooms with almost-white walls and very light, neutral furnishings that I love. But I have a hard time creating that kind of look myself. What [...]

Before & After: A Tale (+Tutorial) of a Sunburst Mirror Thumbnail

Along with birds and mid-century modern furniture, I have a mild obsession with sunburst mirrors. I had been looking for one, literally for months, before I finally bought a mirror handmade just for me from rolled newspaper pages. But I wanted — nay, NEEDED — another. Alas, all the ones that were large enough to [...]