May 2011

My Dyson Lets Me Do Sooo Many Jobs! Thumbnail

So remember that nifty little Dyson DC35 vacuum I received a while back? You may have noticed that I never wrote my final post about how it’s been to use it. That’s with good reason. It died on me. I charged the thing for a full 2 days and tried to turn it on. Nothing [...]

Check Out Forma Living’s Sustainable Home Furnishings Thumbnail

Barnyard chic meets modern in Forma Living’s collection of home furnishings. This company is committed to sustainable design with lighting, rugs, accessories, and furniture that use eco-friendly or recycled materials, or are created from salvaged pieces. Don’t you just love an online store where you can shop without having to think about whether the products [...]

Ideas for an Ikea Malm Dresser Makeover? Thumbnail

My daughter’s dresser officially went kaput a few days ago. She’s had it since she was an infant, and it’s been through a lot. Honestly, for a cheap piece of laminate furniture, I’m surprised it lasted this long. Anyway, we’re going to do some furniture shuffling for 3 reasons: We’re moving into a 3-bedroom apartment [...]

I Don’t Feel Like Being Green Today… Thumbnail

I mentioned recently that we are moving. Again. For what feels like the millionth time in the past 5 years or so. And I am not happy. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy about the FACT of moving. That we will no longer be living in this apartment that I have come to dislike [...]

Making Apartment Living a Little Greener Thumbnail

In a little more than a month, my family and I will be moving — again — to another apartment. This time, we’re moving because of issues with the quality of our current apartment and for the sake of our daughter’s health. But it’s going to be hard walking away from all the changes we’ve [...]